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5 top sample SOPs to best frame your Canada UG application

Explore top sample SOPs tailored for Canadian undergraduate applications. Boost your chances with expertly framed SOPs for Canada UG admissions.


Navigating the Canadian undergraduate application process can be daunting, especially when it comes to crafting the perfect Statement of Purpose (SOP).

As the gateway to your aspirations, a well-framed SOP can make all the difference. Dive into our handpicked selection of the top sample SOPs, meticulously tailored to highlight what Canadian universities are actively seeking.

Equip yourself with the insights and structure needed to elevate your application and stand out from the crowd.

Sample SOP 1 – Profile with Strong Social Work

Profile details

Name: Rohit Singh

Age & City: 19, Jaipur

Applying to (college): McGill University 

Degree: BSc Pharmacology

Work experience (in years): 0

Personality Type: Ambitious Innovator

Key profile strength: Social Work

SOP Body (sample)


The Admissions Committee, McGill University, Canada

Amid the rich tapestry of India’s historical city, Jaipur, a dream was woven in the bustling bylanes, beneath ancient forts and palaces. It was here, against this rich backdrop, that a young boy named Rohit Singh envisioned a future drenched in innovation and relentless pursuit of knowledge. That dream, fortified by my academic endeavors, now seeks realization in the hallowed corridors of McGill University.

Having graduated from St. Xavier’s School with an overall score of 86%, my academic journey was painted with consistent commitment and an innate curiosity about the world. Chemistry labs were not just rooms filled with vials and test tubes but portals to understanding the deepest mysteries of life. The transformative power of pharmacology – the art and science of medicines – called out to me, urging me to delve deeper. To not just understand the medicines, but to someday innovate and pioneer breakthroughs that can touch countless lives.

My linguistic capabilities, as exhibited through an IELTS score of 7.5, is not just a testament to my proficiency in the English language, but a reflection of my preparedness to engage in profound intellectual conversations, both within and outside the classroom. These scores, however, are mere numbers compared to the passion and determination I harbor for pharmacological studies.

Despite a short academic journey with no professional or internship experience, my participation in the National Service Scheme (NSS) camp during college gave me a unique perspective. I realized that knowledge, when combined with empathy and a drive to serve society, can create wonders. This engagement made me value community, solidarity, and the essence of working towards a shared goal – qualities I believe McGill treasures.

Though sports accolades don’t grace my portfolio, the spirited hustle of an ever-evolving, multi-dimensional world is the game I play with fervor. Challenges become my opponents, and every lesson learned adds a point to my scoreboard. McGill’s reputation for nurturing innovation and the comprehensive curriculum of the BSc Pharmacology program is precisely the league I aspire to compete in.

As I set forth on this odyssey, my vision isn’t just to earn a degree but to immerse in every experience McGill offers, to absorb, to challenge, and to contribute. For I do not see myself merely as a student, but as a torchbearer of the legacy that McGill has built over the years.

In the long run, my ambition is to not just excel in my field but to reshape it, breathe new life into it, and perhaps, redefine the very paradigms of pharmacological studies. With McGill as my guiding star and my innate zeal as the compass, I am confident that this voyage will be nothing short of legendary.

To the esteemed panel, I humbly present not just my achievements and aspirations but a piece of my soul, my dream, and the promise of a future replete with innovation and service.

Warm regards,

Rohit Singh

Sample SOP 2 – Profile with Strong Academics & Sports

Profile details

Name: Raunik Upneja

Age & City: 19, Hyderabad

Applying to (college): University of Waterloo

Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science – Chemical Engineering

Work experience (in years): 0

Personality Type: Ambitious Innovator

Key profile strength: Academics, Sports

SOP Body (sample)


The Admissions Committee, University of Waterloo

Greetings from Hyderabad, India’s burgeoning tech-hub and the land of Nizams, where history meets the future. I, Raunik Upneja, stand at the cusp of a crucial phase of my academic journey, eager to spread my wings, fuel my aspirations and soar toward the realms of Chemical Engineering – a discipline that is as dynamic as it is pivotal.

From the intricate bonds at the molecular level to the colossal shifts in global industry paradigms, Chemical Engineering has always captured my fascination. Perhaps it’s the magic of turning rudimentary elements into invaluable products or the thrill of navigating a vast sea of possibilities. My years at Osmania University, a prestigious institution that lays claim to a rich academic heritage, allowed me to cultivate a foundation in non-medical sciences. A notable moment was when I ranked 4th in the University in Physics – a testament to my dedication and a predilection for the subject.

While my academic score of 78% stands as a symbol of consistent effort, it is essential to look beyond the numbers. Delve deeper, and you’ll find a fervent individual who believes in proactive learning, someone who consistently challenges himself. This was prominently reflected when I represented my college in an interstate football competition. Every sprint, every goal, and every strategy executed on the field are metaphors for the drive and precision I wish to bring into my Chemical Engineering pursuits.

Waterloo, with its reputation as a cornerstone of innovation and a commitment to real-world problem-solving, mirrors my vision for an immersive academic journey. The Bachelor of Applied Science – Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo is renowned not just for its comprehensive curriculum but also its dedication to nurturing creative problem solvers and leaders. I aspire to be a part of this legacy and contribute my unique perspectives, leveraging the synthesis of theory and practicality that Waterloo embodies.

Though my foray into the professional world is yet to commence, and my slate of work experiences remains untouched, I consider this as an expanse of potential. I am an unshaped block, ready to be moulded by the transformative experiences Waterloo promises. My long-term vision is crystal clear – to be an integral part of a top-tier corporate conglomerate in India, driving change, championing innovation, and setting benchmarks in the field of Chemical Engineering.

While the sprawling campus of Waterloo and the tapestry of Canadian culture beckon, it is truly the alchemy of world-class education, pioneering research, and a community of forward thinkers that has magnetized my aspirations towards the University of Waterloo. I am all set, with a quiver full of dreams, ambitions, and an unwavering spirit, ready to embark on this transformative voyage.

I hope to etch my story in the annals of Waterloo’s illustrious history and am looking forward to a journey where I not only learn and evolve but also leave an indelible mark.

Warm regards,

Raunik Upneja

Sample SOP 3 – Profile with Strong Extra-curriculars

Profile details

Name: Neha Kapoor

Age & City: 20, Chandigarh

Applying to (college): University of Windsor

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce – Business Administration and Economics

Work experience (in years): 0

Personality Type: Curious Explorer

Key profile strength: Extra curricular

SOP Body (sample)


The Admissions Committee, University of Windsor, Canada

In the exquisitely planned city of Chandigarh, amidst the architectural wonders and lush green parks, there lived a curious mind. A mind that wandered the streets, not just admiring the beauty but understanding the intricate balance between commerce and society, between need and want, between art and life. That mind belongs to Neha Kapoor. Today, that curious mind seeks to expand its horizons by integrating into the diverse culture and knowledge reservoir of the University of Windsor.

When I was in school, textbooks were never just means to score marks. They were my gateways into understanding the commerce of everyday life, of why and how markets moved, and how every business transaction told a tale of its own. This inquisitiveness led me to graduate with a score of 79% from St. Joseph, a score I believe reflects my dedication and interest in the subject.

While numbers and statistics intrigue me, the canvas has always been my refuge, a testament to which was my accolade in the state-level painting competition. This duality of being analytical about commerce and artistic in expression has always made me see the world in vibrant colors, understanding the subtle nuances of consumer behavior and market dynamics.

The Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration and Economics at the University of Windsor presents an opportunity not just to understand commerce but to live it, in the very heart of Canada’s commercial nerve centers. With a linguistic proficiency reflected in my IELTS score, I’m eager to dive deep into class discussions, group activities, and research projects, sharing my unique perspective and imbibing those of my peers.

Although professional work experience is yet to mark my journey, and academic scholarships or internships haven’t been milestones, it’s the boundless curiosity and the undying spirit to explore that I believe is my biggest strength. While the world often sees commerce as black and white, for me, it’s a colorful mosaic of opportunities, challenges, and endless possibilities.

Beyond Windsor, I envision returning to my homeland with a treasure trove of knowledge, experiences, and memories. Armed with the world-class education from your esteemed university, I aim to dive into the management sector of India, contributing to the burgeoning growth story while always keeping an artist’s touch alive.

In conclusion, I’m not just seeking an education; I am seeking an experience, a transformation. As a ‘Curious Explorer,’ I want to delve deep, wander around, and most importantly, learn. I present to you not just a student, but an explorer, eager to set sail on this new adventure.

Warm regards,

Neha Kapoor

Sample SOP 4 – Profile with Strong Extra-curriculars

Profile details

Name: Vivek

Age & City: 20, Mumbai

Applying to (college): Trent University

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

Work experience (in years): 0

Personality Type: Curious Explorer

Key profile strength: Extra curricular

SOP Body (sample)

Dear Admissions Team at Trent University,

Picture this: a young lad from Mumbai, walking amid the towering skyscrapers, completely lost in thought, wondering about what fuels the bustling world of business around him. Well, that’s me, Vivek, your quintessential curious cat from the City of Dreams.

Mumbai’s vibe is infectious. From the corner vada-pav stalls to sprawling corporate hubs, there’s a story everywhere. And my Mumbai-bred instincts? They got me chasing these stories. Why does Mr. Sharma from the neighborhood shop give candy instead of small change? How does that giant tech company decide its pricing? The economics of these daily adventures are like puzzles, and man, I live for these!

Now, let’s talk numbers: 81%. That’s my score from Goenka International School in Commerce. But it isn’t just a score. Each percentage point carries tales of late-night study sessions, shared notes, heated classroom debates, and the little eureka moments when complex concepts magically made sense. And when I wasn’t knee-deep in ledgers and balance sheets, I wielded my pen as the President of the Creative Writing team, weaving tales and adding a sprinkle of imagination to facts.

Why Trent? Because you folks get it! You understand that business isn’t just about serious-looking people in suits making big decisions. It’s about stories, it’s about the hustle, it’s about innovation, and it’s about curiosity. My IELTS scores, especially that shiny 8 in Speaking and Writing? They’re just proof that I can chat up a storm and pen down thoughts just as easily.

Now, while I haven’t exactly waded through the corporate jungle yet or bagged fancy internships, I’ve got zest. I’ve got ideas. And yes, I’ve got a ton of questions. My aim post-Trent? To join my dad’s business and sprinkle some of that Vivek-magic, blending the wisdom of the old with the zing of the new.

To sum it up: I’m not just another applicant. I’m that inquisitive Mumbai boy who wants to dive into the global pool of business, learn the strokes, make a few splashes, and eventually swim like a champ.

Here’s hoping Trent becomes the waters to my next big adventure!

Cheers to new beginnings and wild explorations,


Sample SOP 5 – Profile with Strong Social Work

Profile details

Name: Sukhdeep Sandhu

Age & City: 20, Ludhiana

Applying to (college): Conestoga College

Degree: Bachelor of Design

Work experience (in years): 0

Personality Type: Emapthetic Humanitarian

Key profile strength: Social work

SOP Body (sample)

Dear Admissions Committee at Conestoga College,

In the heart of Ludhiana, a city bustling with life and dreams, stands the Sandhu residence, a haven of stories and aspirations. I am Sukhdeep Sandhu, and my life has been an intricate tapestry woven by two incredibly distinctive threads: my father, a resilient businessman whose every venture paints a picture of grit and determination, and my mother, a professor whose knowledge and grace echo in lecture halls, instilling in many (including myself) an unquenchable thirst for learning.

Growing up under the guidance of a professor mother, I understood early on the importance of patience, nurturing, and the transformative power of education. Her stories from the classroom not only ignited my passion for knowledge but also instilled in me the values of empathy and understanding. On the other hand, observing my father’s dealings in the business realm taught me resilience, adaptability, and the significance of hard work. Their combined influence molded me into an ‘Empathetic Humanitarian,’ someone attuned to human emotions and eager to make a positive impact.

My academic pursuits at D.A.V. School bore the fruit of an impressive 75% in my 12th Arts. More than a number, it’s a testament to my dedication and the countless hours spent absorbing the richness of the Arts. My IELTS score of 6.5, with a distinct 7 in writing, stands as evidence of my proficiency in conveying nuanced ideas, a skill inherited, undoubtedly, from my erudite mother.

While textbooks enriched my mind, the world outside shaped my soul. Volunteering for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, I realized that cleanliness isn’t just about pristine streets but a metaphor for a cleaner, more compassionate society. Every sweep, every discarded wrapper was a step towards a better world, echoing my belief that design isn’t just visual—it’s experiential.

Conestoga College’s Bachelor of Design isn’t just a program to me; it’s a bridge to my dream of intertwining design with human stories. With its world-renowned faculty and avant-garde curriculum, I believe Conestoga can sharpen my skills, allowing me to create designs that resonate deeply with human emotions.

Drawing inspiration from my father’s business acumen and my mother’s academic prowess, I envision myself leveraging the best of both worlds post my studies. My aim is to work in an organized sector, where design meets humanity, crafting narratives that don’t just cater to the eyes but to the heart.

In essence, my journey, enriched by my parents’ legacy and my personal endeavors, has brought me to this pivotal juncture. I am eager to bring my unique blend of empathy and humanitarianism to Conestoga College and am equally excited about the myriad ways the institution will sculpt my future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Warm regards,

Sukhdeep Sandhu

What Next?

In the competitive landscape of Canadian undergraduate admissions, presenting a compelling SOP can be your golden ticket. With these top sample SOPs as your guide, you’re not just submitting an application; you’re telling a unique story, one that resonates with the ethos of Canada’s esteemed institutions.

Remember, it’s not just about qualifications—it’s about the narrative, the drive, and the passion. Arm yourself with the best, and let your Canada UG application shine.